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Holding the degree of 0.26 Prior, you are an Official student of the Ordo Ki Evrim, but not yet a member.
Requirements of the Grade, 0.26 Prior to gain full membership to the O.K.E. one must complete the following:
Must have a sponsor who is a member of the O.K.E.
Must be able to demonstrate the manipulation and control of Life Energy or Chi to a member of the O.K.E.
Must be able to define Life Energy or Chi.
Must be able to list all 25 Chakras and their locations.
Have read the Book of KEOM (Ki Evrim Ode Morale) and agree to practice it diligently.
Are over the physical age of 21.

Must be able to list the 8 pathways and Houses.
Capable of Astral Travel, or having an O.B.E.
Must be able to See and Read Auras


Drasikian Script Pt. 1







ay, or ah









dee, or deh






feh, or fuh






hah, or heh



ee, or i

Drasikian Script. Pt. 2



jay, juh






luh, el



aum, om, mah, meh



nah, nuh



oh, oo



puh, peh









sah,suh, ss,she

Drasikian Script pt. 3



tuh, teh, tah,tz,tee



uh, yew



veh, vee, weh, wha,woo



eks, x*






zah,zuh,zeh,zi, zo

(The Characters of the Drasikian Script are currently unavailable in this Table, but are included in the other Houses as you progress through each Grade you will be taught a new letter of the Drasikian Script. We apologize for the inconvienence.)

Introduction to Des Khu

“Life Energy: 1. a type of energy found in all Organisms, i.e. the Will, Spirit, or Soul; the Essence of Life that drives the individual and the whole.

2. the Life Force Energy that flows throughout all organisms, creations, objects, and beings- Rev. Joshua Sean Langford

     Bio-Energy, Chi, Prana, Ka, Ki, Vril, and Mana are all words for the Life Force Energy that flows throughout all organisms, creations, objects, and beings. Chi comes from many different sources, including the Stars, Moons, Planets, Forces of Nature, Emotions, Thoughts, Movements, living organisms, inanimate objects, etc.

 However, this energy may become drained after any number of activities, from the Mundayne, to the Metaphysical, and Occult. Every action, breath, word, thought, and gesture requires the use, and production of Chi. In some cases, you may not always have the available Chi to perform in “top-notch” conditions, durring these times you may need to "feed" on Prana, or Chi, in order to regain what you have lost. Also, there are those amongst our number who cannot supply our own Chi, or have another hinderance attached to our subtle bodies, that requires us to "feed" on a constant basis, some consider us vampyres, but we show a bit of distaste for this term in the modern era, due to pop-culture, and prefer the term Endergonic, "Endergonias Homo Sapiens", or we may also use;E.H.S.'s, E.G.'s, Endergons, Endergonians, etc. meaning: "Beings that consume energy in the form of work," which means, that there is a percentage of your own Chi that is dispensed durring the feed.

        Because of this, and a multitude of other reasons that have to do with your overall well being, it is always a good idea to have multiple sources for Chi. Choose a source that you enjoy, and feel safe feeding from, as well as one that is safe for its source.This will be discussed more in a later lesson.

The Two forms of Energy Workers

Endergonic (from the prefix endo-, derived from the Greek word ἔνδον endon, "within", and the Greek word ἔργον ergon, "work") means "absorbing energy in the form of work." Endergonic reactions are not spontaneous. By thermodynamic standards, positive work, a form of energy, is defined as moving from the surroundings (the external region) to the system (the internal region). Thus, an endergonic process, as contrasted with an exergonic process, is one wherein the system absorbs energy from the surroundings. As a result, during an endergonic process, energy is put into the system, if the transformation occurs at constant pressure and temperature, ∆G > 0. An endergonic reaction is a chemical reaction that absorbs energy in the form of work. A good example of a net endergonic process is photosynthesis. Also, in metabolism, an endergonic process is anabolic, meaning, that energy is stored. In metabolism, catabolic and anabolic processes are coupled by adenosine triphosphate, which is called just ATP. i.e. those with a "vampiric" energy quality.

Exergonic (from the prefix exo-, derived for the Greek word ἔξω exō, "outside" and the suffix -ergonic, derived from the Greek word ἔργον ergon, "work") means "releasing energy in the form of work". In thermodynamics, work is defined as the energy moving from the system (the internal region) to the surroundings (the external region) during a given process. An exergonic process is one in which there is a positive flow of energy from the system to the surroundings. This is in contrast with an endergonic process. Constant pressure, constant temperature reactions are exergonic if and only if the Gibbs free energy is negative (∆G < 0). All physical and chemical systems in the universe follow the second law of thermodynamics and proceed in a downhill, i.e., exergonic, direction. Thus, left to itself, any physical or chemical system will proceed, according to the second law of thermodynamics, in a direction that tends to lower the free energy of the system, and thus to expend energy in the form of work. These reactions occur spontaneously. i.e. those with a "standard" or "mundane" energy quality.

The Chakras

(For a full list of Chakras and their Locations go to the "About Us" link at the top of this page and scroll down until you reach a Table of Correspondences titled, "DES Correspondences pt.1")

The Chakras; meaning in Sanskrit; Wheels of Light, are energy centers within the body. They are the Organs of your Energy Body that produce and distribute Chi throughout your Self. The Drasikian Energy System, or DES, contains 25 Chakras. Most individual’s Chakras are unawakened and inactive; hence the large numbers of people who are unaware of their intuitive and psychic sides.
By learning to open the Chakras, it will help the individual in many ways:
Making the body heal faster, perform better, and develop at an increased rate.
The extra energy going through your body, produced by the Chakras, will put a workout on your central nervous system, and if sustained, will workout the braincells. Allowing the brain sharper responses, and the ability to develop at an increased rate, thus, allowing “sleeping” synapses to open between hemispheres of the brain, further increasing the capacity and its usage.
It helps the Chi that you focus to flow better, and in a smoother fashion.
It also helps to awaken your natural psychic abilities.

How to see & manipulate Ki

Over time, you will develop a clear sight of Chi as your Third Eye Chakra opens. Until that time, you will need to train your normal eyes to see the abnormal.

You may start by practicing this method, and researching other ways of doing so.
Sit quietly in a room with low lighting and a dark background before you, with the only light source preferably a candle, behind you. You may choose to have a study partner, or use your hand as a view point.
(Small plants have a lower output of vibrational energy, as do small animals, so they are not ideal for this learning process.)

Place your target, (i.e. study partner or hand.) about 2 ft. in front of you.
(If you are using your hand as a focus point, hold it as far away from your face as possible.)
Focus on the target obsessively for 30 sec., and then shift your focus to the dark background past the target and stare until you feel a slight strain on your eyes.

Shift your focus back to your target, and repeat these two steps, until it starts to sting your eyes, or your target becomes transparent while focusing on the background.

At this point, you will need to focus on your target while looking past it towards the background.

You should then see a grey nimbus formed around your target; this is their Aura, and the externalization of their Chi.

Continue to practice this method, 2-3 times a day, until the grey nimbus becomes full of color. If you do not see it the first time do not get discouraged, keep trying and it will come to you.

To manipulate and control this energy simply know it is a part of you, like any other body part, your mind controls it's movements, and if you cannot do so, this is not the place for you.

Creating a Psi-Ball

Creating Psi-Balls and Learning their uses.

Psi-Balls, as the name implies, are balls of Psi-Energy that can be made to do almost anything, including the various purposes of Healing, Telepathy, Prosperity Boosts, Combat, etc. They are easy to make, and tangible.

Creating Psi-Balls is the act of shaping energy/ Chi with the mind. Ki is much easier to move than physical matter. It is capable to move at great distances with great speed, but never displacing any matter; almost seeming to disapear and re-apear at the target without moving at all, but this is not the case, it indeed moves, though, not through our concieved space, but is sent into the Unmanifest and is Manifested at its destination, so it is indeed moving, though not always on our physical pathway.


Method 1

Close your eyes, and take a few, long, deep breaths.

Focus closely on your breathing.

          Now feel and visualize, multi-colored Universal Chi, flowing in through the Crown of your head.

          Allow the Chi to spread throughout your body, and as it passes through each body part, feel that part of your body become completely relaxed.

Let the Energy flow out through the palms of your hands and feet.

Spend sometime in feeling and experiencing this sensation.

Now, hold out both hands, palms facing each other, about 4-6 inches apart. Make sure that your elbows have support but are not tense as this would cut of the circulation of your Chi.

          Slowly move your hands further apart and closer together, with every breath that you inhale, let your hands move out a bit, say, a few centimeters to an inch, and then when you exhale move your hands inward in the same manner. Allow your hand movement to resemble the movement of your lungs as much as comfortably possible.

          Focus all of your concentration onto your palms.

Within moments you should feel a sensation in the joints of your hands, and then in your palms. Some people describe this as a crackling, tickling, or pins and needles sensation, while others tend to feel it in degrees of temperature.

          Once you get this feeling or get a visual of a distortion in the air between your hands, move your hands further apart with each breath adding more Chi into the psi-ball. Move your hands closer to compress and make the psi-ball denser.



Programming the Psi-Ball

          After you have formed a psi-ball, the next step is to program it. Visualize a clear picture of your goal, or what you wish to happen. In the case of you wanting someone to get well, visualize the person free from diseases, healthy, whole, happy, and complete. Now project this picture into your energy ball. Focus completely on this picture inside of your psi-ball for a few moments.

          Without opening your eyes, speak to your Chi and tell it to go out into the World, and bring to you what you desire, release the energy ball, and open your eyes.

Alternative methods of Psi-Ball Creation

Method I.

          The goal of this exercise it to create multiple, Mini-Psi-Balls, and to send them out to work thy Will. You may send them to yourself, a friend, or another consenting individual, to achieve a goal, etc.

          Rub your hands together for about 15 seconds. This is to stimulate the Chakras in the hands. Now, cup your hands together and start to visualize energy coming to your hands and building up in the shape of a ball.



It can be any colour that you wish, though different colours have different meanings, see the section in the Table of Corespondants, relating to “Colors meanings in Magick and Metaphysics.”

          But, for beginners, it is best to use white light.

          Ask the White Chi to come into you, you will see it surrounding you, inside the particles in the air, you may feel it pouring into your Crown and/or up into your Roots and feet.

          Pull it into your chest, and allow it to free-flow throughout your body and fuel the ball of white light between your hands, you may feel a sensation similar to the one in the previous exercise.

          Now tell the Chi to divide itself into three Balls instead of one, back this command by visualizing it as you say it. Next, you will need to program them individually as instructed in the prior exercise.

          Finally, all you have to do is flick your wrist, fingers, nose, toes, whatever you wish, and “push” off the energy, and as you do so, visualize it already at it's target, and finished with it's effect(s).

(Also, you may try to accumulate a psi-ball for each finger or even multiple ones for each finger, this is okay, and that ability is only limited by your preceptions, projections, and Will Power.)




Method II.

          Rub your hands together for about 15 seconds. This is to stimulate the Chakras in the hands.

Next, gather the Chi to your fingertips, allow it to pour into spherical forms, extending from each finger, about an inch or two away from your fingers.

From this step, you would do as you would with an individual Psi-Ball, program, and then either disperse it to work thy Will, or draw it back into the Self.


Nen (念Mind Force) is one of the defining features of the Auraic work of the Sages. It may refer to both:
The ability of using and manipulating the life energy (known as aura) present in the body of the user.
The aura itself under this ability.

In parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object (like the halo or aureola in religious art). Sometimes, however, it is said that all living things (including humans) and all objects manifest such an aura. Often it is held to be perceptible, whether spontaneously or with practice: such perception is at times linked with the third eye of Indian spirituality. Various writers associate various personality traits with the colors of different layers of the aura.
The pores or points on the body from which aura flows out from are called " Aura Nodes "(精孔shōkō'). Controlling those nodes is the first step to be a user of Nen . A student learning Nen trains to manually open and close their aura nodes so that they can control the flow of their aura. One typically learns this process slowly and gradually through meditation. The second method is by having one receiving an influx of aura from an experienced user that forces these nodes to open; despite how quickly it works, the method is typically frowned upon due to its danger to the student if the user is inexperienced or has malicious intent. Gently jolting open one's nodes forces the new user to learn to control their aura flow, else risk suffering severe exhaustion or death.

There are four fundamental techniques one must learn to fully grasp Nen. Everything else, including a Nen user's specialized skill, is based on the basic manipulations of one's aura flow. These are the first techniques that are taught to any student of Nen.

These basic techniques, in order of study:




1. Ten Once a person has had their aura nodes opened, they must learn to keep their aura from leaking away from their body. Ten (纏, Envelop) is the process of keeping the nodes open, but also having aura flow through and around the body rather than away from it.
Once maintained, it creates a shroud around the user that feels similar to standing in lukewarm, viscous fluid. Ten maintains youthful vigor and reduces one's aging; since the energy powering the body no longer leaks away, one can keep the body from breaking down and deter the aging process.
Through frequent meditation, one can improve the quality of their Ten

2. Zetsu While Ten allows a user to keep aura from leaking away from their body,Zetsu(絕, Suppress) stops the flow of aura from their body altogether. By closing all of their aura nodes, the user is able to stop almost all outflow of their aura like water from a valve. Zetsu can also be used to relieving fatigue, since it forces the body's external layer of aura to be fully contained within.

3.Ren(練, Refine) is a direct application of Ten. Since a user is capable of keeping aura from leaking away from the body, it's also possible for them to produce more aura around themselves without having to worry about losing it. Ren focuses on outputting a high amount of aura and keeping it on the body, expanding the size and intensity of it.

4. Hatsu (發, Release) is the release or transmission of one's aura so it can be projected to carry out a certain function. In essence, Hatsu is one's personal expression of Nen that creates a special and unique ability (colloquially called a Nen Ability). A good Hatsu should reflect a person's own character; one can never truly master Nen if they only copy other people's abilities.

There are six types of aura, and the aura of every individual is aligned with a specific category. Upon learning their affinity, one can set about learning to apply Nen in a unique way that suits their personality, which can develop into a unique skill. These six types are: Kyouka(Enhancer)
Henka (Transmuter)
Gugenka (Conjurer)
Houshitsu (Emitter)



1. Kyouka

Enhancement is basically the ability to use aura to increase the natural abilities of an object or one's own body. Therefore, Enhancers are able to greatly increase their physical attack and defense, and are best suited for close-melee combat. Enhancement is the most well-balanced category, allowing users to spread themselves evenly between offense and defense.

2. Houshitsu

An affinity for Emission means that a user is capable of controlling the deployment of their aura while separating it from their body. Aura usually decreases in intensity very quickly when it is separated from the source body, but strong Emitters can separate their aura from their body for long-periods of time and still be able to maintain it. An application of this is the ability to throw giant balls of aura. Emission abilities are commonly mistaken for Conjuration abilities. The two, however, are fundamentally different. Objects created by Emitters are made of pure aura, believed to be invisible to normal people, and requires Manipulation skills to control.


3. Sousa
 Manipulation is the ability to control living or non-living material. Abilities belonging to Manipulators allow the user to control living or non-living things in a certain way, the main advantage being able to 'manipulate' enemies. The degree of control is principally determined by a condition that usually puts the manipulator at risk (attaching objects on the enemy, touching the enemy in a certain way) and of course the larger the risk, the better the degree of control.


4. Gugenka

Conjuration is the ability to create a physical,independent, material object out of one's aura. Once a person has mastered the conjuration of a certain object, they can conjure it and dispel it in an instant, whenever they want. It is believed that conjuration is the only way in which Nen can create things which ordinary people (unaware of Nen) can see and touch. Furthermore, objects or entities created by this technique have a subtle "independence" to them. This means that they can continue existing even if they were at a considerable distance from the Conjurer, or even if the Conjurer themselves are not aware that they have yet to be de-materialized.


5. Henka
 An affinity for Transmutation means a person can change the properties of their aura to mimic something else. Similar to Emission, things created via Transmutation are still pure aura. Transmutation is often mistaken with Conjuration due to their similarities, a simple way of thinking about it would be that Transmutation allows your aura to mimic properties of a substance, whereas conjuration allows you to change your aura into actual substances. Transmuters can copy the properties of real things.

6. Tokushitsu
 Specialization is anything that doesn't belong into the other five categories. This is the most vague Hatsu category , because their abilities can be anything. It’s possible for a Tokushitsu nen-user to learn the abilities of five other elements.
As shown in the picture above, each types of nen have their own node. Every person has their own natural-born type of nen. But it is possible for them to learn other types of nen. However there’s a few limitations to learn other types. It is considered easy for one to learn nen type of node beside his natural-born type, but it’s almost impossible to learn nen type of the opposite (farthest node).
While natural-born Henka type efficiency to learn Henka nen is 100%, to learn Kyouka or Gugenka — which are nodes beside it — the efficiency rate dropped by 20%. While to learn Houshitsu — because it’s farther than Kyouka by one node —the efficiency dropped by 40%. Sousa, however, is the most difficult for a Henka type to learn, because the efficiency rate dropped by 60% and it’s considered too much effort. While Tokushitsu is a special type that will be explained later.

Now let’s take a look at directed graph for Kyouka type. Although the calculation is basically the same, but the graph is a bit different.
Natural-born Kyouka type efficiency rate to learn Kyouka ability is 100%, to learn Henka or Houshitsu is 80%, to learn Sousa or Gugenka is 60%, while to learn Tokushitsu the efficiency rate is 0%. Why does Tokushitsu type not follow the calculation rule?
Tokushitsu means special, so as seen from the graph above, it has different kind of directed graph. The efficiency rate of a Tokushitsu type to learn all other types is 80%. It’s because Tokushitsu has its own directed edges to other types while other types have to follow the path by going from a node to another node. So we can conclude that the directed graph from all types of nen is:


Aura Color Meanings






Spiritual (psychic & spiritual) faculty

Dark blue

Religious feeling

Light blue

Noble spiritual devotion





Emerald green

Sympathy or empathy


Deceit, jealously



Bright gold

Logical thinking


High intellect

Earthly yellow

Selfish thought


Low intellect



Bright orange

Noble indignation

Orange murky





Unselfish love

Dull red

Selfish love



Aura Color Meanings pt.2



Dirty red

Passion and sensuality

Bright red

Anger and force



Dull rust


Muddy gray




Pale gray


Dark gray






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