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About Me
Knowledge i enjoy simply power in all its forms not to dominate but to supress not to kill but to protect im a taurus in the decanate of taurus and my rising is gemini my moon is aquarius my celtic is a beaver my chinese is boar and my star is al sheridan im an intentive protective chronicler and my numeric vibration is 7

Favorite Music
All but pref jimmi hendrix digable planets germarna gjallahorn cradle of filth nirvana greatfull dead people under the stairs mgmt and most of all my morning muhfukin jacket

Favorite Movies
Documenteries if i cant learn from it fuck it

Favorite Books
Any copie of necronomicon any copy of any knoledege favorite books and poems the elder eddas the corpus hermeticum and le kybalion i enjoy botany and mentalism however ive been hunting for a copy of a book from dreams that may not exist the sanguine the bloodline and a teacher in medicine making and as well kundalini yoga and shaolin im incredibly diligent and willing to learn the art of war as well so another book is james duke green pharmacie and i read the encyclopedia of herbs and there uses as well as dictionarie of botanical latin

Favorite Quotations
When you dont have a job your job is geting a job. As above so below.forgive them father they know not what they do. The universe is trying to kill you its up to your will to ride your spiral. We are the mind of this planet . praeclarum custodem ovium lupum. All substances are poisons its the right dosage that determines a remedie. Life can change in the blink of an eye. If your depressed your living in the past if your anxious your in the future the future in the moments where we move. Be careful what you think because its what you say becareful of what you say because it becomes what you are becareful of what you do because it becomes what you are. And last thanx to my boi enoch (thats one my lil black brothers real name) we are just starting our lives we dont know a fucking that ties into learn others lessons before you have to learn them the hard way. And i am the river i make the flow to ride my spiral inward to deeper depths of knowledge

General About Me
Im asatruar and an alchemist im a man of peace but loooooove fighting and proving my dominance my favorite runes are wunjo hagalaz and kenaz i gave them tatted on my toesies the way i follow father othin is my knowledge is my sword and shield i live by a saying one finalised saying i made my tongue is my sword my hands are my shield and ellevation is my destination also i luv sparing i fight like a fukin savage oh and im a tokushitsu in yoshis node perspectives i see myself as an animal and ppl as the mind of our planet were just as powerful as the planet itself tech mysticism and hard labour all go to together if we seek oneness.

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